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The D.O.V.E. Fund has raised nearly $2.5 million for the creation of schools, fresh water wells and medical clinics to the neediest regions of Vietnam. We have also funded a range of educational programs to help those students and teachers build an academic foundation that will foster continued growth and self respect.

Since we have a number of projects that require funding, you may choose one based on your particular field of interest or make a contribution to our General Fund. Please email us with any comments or questions.

Planned Giving: A planned gift is an excellent way to remember the name and sacrifice of a family member, relative or friend that served in Vietnam. The D.O.V.E. Fund will accept a variety of planned gifts that include:
Life Insurance Gifts, Bequests from Estates or Trusts, Gifts of real property,
The D.O.V.E. Fund as beneficiary of a qualified plan, Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts
To learn if your planned gift is suitable for a D.O.V.E. Fund donation, please call Dan Gregg at 734-663-6518 or email him a short message and you will be contacted promptly.
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Make a Donation to The D.O.V.E. Fund Building & Maintenance Fund   Make a Donation to The D.O.V.E. Fund Scholarship Program
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Make a Donation to The D.O.V.E. Fund Shoe Fund   Make a Donation to The D.O.V.E. Fund Coats for Kids
Micro Finance   Hai Truong DCC
Make a Donation to The D.O.V.E. Fund Micro-Finance   Make a Donation to the D.O.V.E. Fund
Hai Truong Day Care Center Expansion

Micro Finance  
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for Solar Lights

- All donations to The D.O.V.E. Fund are tax-deductible. -
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